hybrid turf

the perfect balance of natural grass and artificial turf.

Hybrid turf is natural grass with 5-10% synthetic fibers incorporated into the root zone.

Hybridturf.com provides a longer playing season, a stronger and more durable root system, allowing up to 750 playing hours per season, on safer conditions with reduced maintenance.

Create elite conditions for all levels of play; community, club, varsity, and professional.  

Score with the best performing, optimal valued, and highly sustainable, all-in-one- shot with hybridturf.com!


With 14+ years experience and continued research, we are North America’s most experienced team in hybrid turf fields.


Fully independent of manufacturers, we work for you by selecting the best hybrid fields on the market.

Full service

With our leading installation and maintenance program, we ensure every aspect of a field performs to the highest possible quality.


Maintaining optimal surface conditions doesn’t come easy.

Dangerously uneven surfaces, artificial turf burn, challenging weather conditions, and high costs.

The struggle is real.

Nothing compares with the look, feel and smell of a natural playing surface. However, it is difficult to maintain an even and safe playing surface. Nobody wants to play on heavily compacted, dry, straw-like, or uneven conditions!

Artificial turf might offer more playing hours but this too comes at a cost. Not only for the budget. But also for the players, the quality of the game, and ultimately the environment.

Artificial pitches come with an average of 400,000 pounds of rubber infill and 40,000 pounds of plastic carpet per field. They tend to cause unnatural ball roll, more player injuries and create heat islands in the summer.



The research has been done and the verdict is in. Hybrid turf is the solution that works in the North American context.

Hybrid turf is the best solution for North America because it effectively combines the benefits of both natural grass and artificial turf without their respective disadvantages. The synthetic fibers protect the root zone of natural grass to ensure a stable and even surface. It reduces playing damage, and divots in the field and maximizes the energy restoration for the athlete.

The system has a proven track record for more than 20 years in major stadiums around the world and is now also widely available for Municipalities, Universities, and Sports Clubs.

Best performance. Optimal value. High sustainability. All sports. All players.

Best performance

  • Always a level playing surface
  • Less injuries especially ankle/lower leg injuries
  • Sliding tackles are safe to make
  • Smooth ball roll and bounce for a natural, more exciting game
  • Perfect balance in shock absorbency, energy restitution, and vertical deformation takes less energy from the athlete
  • First choice for pro-soccer players worldwide

Optimal value

  • Up to 700+ more playing hours per season
  • No re-sodding needed
  • Costs per field can be as much of 50% less than an artificial turf.
  • Can accommodate a variety of activities
  • Easy to maintain

High sustainability

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Water use can be fully circular
  • CO2 absorption
  • Produces oxygen while reducing pollution
  • The natural surface buffers heats and stays up to 55°F / 30°C cooler than artificial turf fields in the summer

All sports, all players.

hybrid cricket field
hybrid soccer field
hybrid football pitch
hybrid rugby field
hybrid baseball pitch


One player doesn’t win the game. It’s a team effort.

The same goes for the quality of a field.

quality of hybrid turf field


We believe every player deserves the best playing surface possible.

This is not only accessible for top-tier athletes or clubs but for any level of sports. It is all about doing the proper preparation and selecting the best surface for your athletes and program.

This is why you need us!

Contact us today for more information!

We are here to help communities, clubs, schools and pro teams to get the best field every athlete deserves!

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