We help forward-thinking Municipalities, schools, and Sports Clubs get the best hybrid turf field every athlete deserves.


We are North America’s most experienced team in hybrid fields.

Experts in both natural, and hybrid turf. Professionals in athlete performance.

The team at hybridturf.com has over 14+ years of experience in the installation and maintenance of both natural and hybrid turf fields. With continued independent research on sport-field systems worldwide, you can be sure we have the experience and knowledge to deliver the best.

Every player deserves the best playing surface possible.

That means a field that not only provides for an exciting game and optimal playing hours, it also respectful of the environment and safe for its athletes.

This shouldn’t be complicated or only be accessible for top-tier athletes or clubs. We know it is simply about doing the groundwork right and selecting the best surface for your athletes and program.


It’s hard to find the right solution when everyone tells you theirs is the best.

Fully independent, hybridturf.com does not represent a single turf manufacturer.

Rather, we work for you in selecting the best hybrid fields on the market that completely satisfies the needs of your organization, players and location.

independent turf advice by hybridturf.com
hybrid turf advice by hybridturf.com


A great product doesn’t become a great field by itself. Someone has to make it work.

We cooperate with local qualified contractors to ensure A+ quality in our leading installation program. And we don’t stop there.

Our highly experienced team provides state-of-the-art support to your maintenance crew in creating and monitoring the maintenance aspect ensuring the field performs to the highest possible quality.

With us on your team, you can be sure to win on every aspect of your field.

Contact us today for more information and your free advice call.

We’re happy to answer any questions and provide you with the first insights on how to improve the field quality.

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